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Automotive Window Tint

A Collection of Films for Style, Comfort and Solar Protection. 

Avery Dennison Automotive Window Films combine superior aesthetics and performance with remarkable heat shrink properties for easy and efficient application. Our color stable films won’t fade to purple and are developed with an acrylic scratch resistant hard coat to enable scratch-free installation and maintenance and feature a Lifetime, Limited Non-Transferable Warranty.

Choose from a variety of shades and light transmission levels to give vehicles a custom appearance while improving comfort for passengers, protecting vehicle interiors and blocking harmful UV rays and harsh glare.

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Discover the full collection of automotive window films to enhance your full-service offerings and provide for the exacting demands of today’s car owners.

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Products of Tint

Avery Dennison Philippines

NR Nano Ceramic IR

NR Nano Ceramic IR automotive window tint film combines excellent IR rejection and up to 93% glare reduction with minimal reflective effect.


Avery Dennison Philippines

Supreme Ceramic IR Series

Avery Dennison® Supreme Ceramic IR Series automotive window films deliver exceptional performance with Supreme Nano-X IR technology, for long lasting colour stability and outstanding heat rejection. Its high optical clarity and phantom black colour tone upgrades vehicle aesthetics for a stunning look and comfortable ride.


Avery Dennison Philippines

Supreme Ceramic Series Automotive Window

Avery Dennison Supreme Ceramic is a premium colour stable, non-reflective film range available with different light transmission levels. Made with Supreme Nano-X technology, Supreme Ceramic range delivers impressive solar protection and color durability for a metal free film with the installation features professionals demand.


Avery Dennison Philippines

Advanced Cool Series

Avery Dennison® Advanced Cool is a high- performance metal-dye hybrid film range available with different light transmission levels.
With a sleek phantom black color, Advanced Cool film protects against heat, glare and harmful UV radiation. The film is optimised with metallized polyester and colour-stable dye to ensure low exterior reflectiveness.


Avery Dennison Philippines

Supreme Shield IR Series

Avery Dennison® Supreme Shield IR is an infrared spectrally selective safety film that rejects IR heat while allowing visible light through with a safety laminate that keeps shattered glass in place. This optically clear film with Supreme Nano-X IR technology rejects the infrared heat and solar energy without any visual distortion, noticeable darkening and reflectivity of vehicle window.


Avery Dennison Philippines

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